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33000gcm Torque Medical Bone Drill Autoclavable Lithium Battery For Neurosurgery

33000gcm Torque Medical Bone Drill Autoclavable Lithium Battery For Neurosurgery

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    Neurosurgery Medical Bone Drill


    33000gcm Torque Medical Bone Drill


    Autoclavable Electric Orthopedic Drill

  • Charging Time
    3 Hours
  • Usage
    Orthopedic Surgery
  • Performance
  • Instrument Classification
    Class II
  • Power Source
  • Chuck Diameter
  • Properties
    The Basis Of Surgical Instruments
  • Battery
    The Lithium Battery
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number

33000gcm Torque Medical Bone Drill Autoclavable Lithium Battery For Neurosurgery

Product Description:

Product Overview: Medical Bone Drill

Medical Bone Drill is a revolutionary product designed to provide the best solution for orthopedic surgery. It is a powerful and versatile tool that can handle a wide range of surgical procedures with ease. With its advanced features and high-quality materials, it has become the preferred choice of surgeons all over the world.

Properties: The Basis Of Surgical Instruments

The Medical Bone Drill is built with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and precision. It is made of stainless steel and has a sleek design that provides a comfortable grip for the surgeon. The drill bits are made of high-grade steel that can withstand high pressure and speed, making it perfect for surgical procedures.

Feature: Various Attachments Can Change

The Medical Bone Drill comes with a variety of attachments that can be easily changed to suit different surgical procedures. It includes boring drill bits, gun drill machine, DTH hammer drill bits, pneumatic drill, and hand drill. These attachments can be easily attached and detached, providing maximum flexibility to the surgeon.

Power Source: Electric

The Medical Bone Drill is powered by electricity, making it a reliable and efficient tool for surgical procedures. It has a high-performance motor that delivers consistent power, ensuring smooth and precise drilling. The electric power source also eliminates the need for manual effort, reducing the strain on the surgeon's hand.

Usage: Orthopedic Surgery

The Medical Bone Drill is specifically designed for orthopedic surgery. It is perfect for procedures such as bone fractures, joint replacements, and other orthopedic implants. Its powerful motor and various attachments make it suitable for different types of bone surgeries, providing the surgeon with the ultimate precision and control.

Charging Time: 3 Hours

The Medical Bone Drill comes with a rechargeable battery that can be fully charged in just 3 hours. It provides enough power to last through long surgical procedures without the need for frequent recharging. This feature makes it a reliable and time-saving tool for surgeons, ensuring uninterrupted surgical procedures.

In Conclusion

The Medical Bone Drill is the ultimate solution for orthopedic surgery. With its high-quality materials, versatile attachments, electric power source, and quick charging time, it has become an essential tool for surgeons worldwide. It provides precise and efficient drilling, making it a must-have in every surgical instrument kit.



  • Product Name: Medical Bone Drill
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Battery: The Lithium Battery
  • Chuck Diameter: 0.8-10mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours
  • Powerful and precise drill rig machine
  • High-quality DTH hammer drill bits for efficient and accurate drilling
  • Easy to use and ergonomic design for comfortable operation
  • Adjustable voltage for versatile usage in different settings
  • Long-lasting and durable lithium battery for extended usage
  • Wide range of chuck diameter for various medical procedures
  • Made of sturdy and corrosion-resistant stainless steel material
  • Quick charging time of 3 hours for minimal downtime

Technical Parameters:

Item Value
Drill Speed 1200rpm
Charging Time 3 Hours
Chuck Diameter 0.8-10mm
Torque 33000gcm
Voltage 110-240V
Properties The Basis Of Surgical Instruments
Instrument Classification Class II
Performance Drill
Drill Type Autoclavable
Feature Various Attachments Can Change
Engineering Drilling Rig Drill Speed 1200rpm
Boring Drill Bits Charging Time 3 Hours
Engineering Drilling Rig Chuck Diameter 0.8-10mm
Boring Drill Bits Torque 33000gcm
Engineering Drilling Rig Voltage 110-240V
Boring Drill Bits Properties The Basis Of Surgical Instruments
Engineering Drilling Rig Instrument Classification Class II
Boring Drill Bits Performance Drill
Engineering Drilling Rig Drill Type Autoclavable
Boring Drill Bits Feature Various Attachments Can Change


Medical Bone Drill - ruijin NM-500
Product Overview

The Medical Bone Drill - ruijin NM-500 is a high-quality and powerful tool designed for orthopedic surgeries. It is manufactured by ruijin, a renowned medical equipment brand in China. The NM-500 model is a Class II instrument with a torque of 33000gcm, making it an efficient and reliable choice for medical professionals.

Application Scenarios

The Medical Bone Drill - ruijin NM-500 is suitable for a variety of orthopedic surgeries, including:

  • Drilling holes in bones for the insertion of screws or pins
  • Removing bone fragments or tissue from fractures or injuries
  • Creating openings in the skull for brain surgeries
  • Shaping or smoothing bone surfaces

Due to its precision and power, the NM-500 model is also used in non-medical scenarios such as:

  • Drill rig machines for engineering drilling
  • Highway drill rigs for construction and maintenance
  • Tunnel drilling rigs for mining and infrastructure projects
Product Features
Brand Name ruijin
Model Number NM-500
Place of Origin China
Instrument Classification Class II
Torque 33000gcm
Performance Drill
Voltage 110-240V
Chuck Diameter 0.8-10mm
Why Choose ruijin NM-500?
  • High-quality and durable materials ensure long-lasting performance
  • Powerful torque for efficient and precise drilling
  • Wide range of applications in both medical and non-medical fields
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Safe and reliable for medical procedures
  • Affordable price compared to other similar products


Welcome to Ruijin's Customized Service for the NM-500 Medical Bone Drill

At Ruijin, we understand the importance of providing our customers with personalized solutions for their medical equipment needs. That's why we are proud to offer our customized service for the NM-500 Medical Bone Drill, designed to meet your specific requirements and enhance your surgical experience.

Product Information
  • Brand Name: ruijin
  • Model Number: NM-500
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Drill Speed: 1200rpm
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Battery: The Lithium Battery
  • Drill Type: Autoclavable
  • Torque: 33000gcm
Customization Options

Our customized service for the NM-500 Medical Bone Drill offers a range of options to meet your specific needs:

  • Gun Drill Machine: Choose from a variety of gun drill machines to suit your surgical needs.
  • Hammer Drill Bits: Select from our wide range of hammer drill bits, specially designed for precision and durability.
  • Highway Drill Rig: Take advantage of our advanced highway drill rig technology for improved accuracy and control.

With our customized service, you can be sure that your NM-500 Medical Bone Drill will be tailored to your exact specifications, making it a valuable asset in your surgical arsenal.

Contact Us

To learn more about our customized service for the NM-500 Medical Bone Drill, please contact us at or call us at +86-123-456-7890 . Our team of experts will be happy to assist you and provide you with a personalized solution that meets your needs.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Medical Bone Drill

The Medical Bone Drill will be carefully packaged to ensure its safe delivery and protection during transit. The packaging will consist of the following components:

  • Sturdy cardboard box with proper cushioning materials
  • Bubble wrap or foam padding to protect the drill from impact and vibrations
  • Plastic or waterproof wrapping to prevent any damage from moisture or water
  • Clear labeling to indicate the fragility and handling instructions

The Medical Bone Drill will be shipped using a reliable and reputable courier service to ensure timely and secure delivery. The following steps will be taken to ensure the smooth shipping of the product:

  • The drill will be securely packaged as per the packaging instructions
  • The product will be marked as fragile and handled with care during shipping
  • The tracking information will be provided to the customer for easy monitoring of the shipment
  • Any necessary customs documentation will be prepared and included with the shipment for international orders

Upon delivery, the customer is advised to inspect the package for any signs of damage or mishandling. In case of any issues, please contact our customer service team immediately for assistance.



  • Q: What is the brand name of this product?
  • A: The brand name of this product is ruijin.
  • Q: What is the model number of this product?
  • A: The model number of this product is NM-500.
  • Q: Where is this product made?
  • A: This product is made in China.
  • Q: What is this product used for?
  • A: This product is used for drilling holes in bones during medical procedures.
  • Q: Is this product suitable for all types of bones?
  • A: This product is suitable for most types of bones, but it may not be suitable for very hard or dense bones.