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  • NS-3532 Sternum Saw

    NS-3532 Sternum Saw

    NS-3532 Improved type surgical sternum saw for cardio-thoracic surgery. With protection part to protect heart part well. Ergonomic design with high powerful, efficiently working on orthopedic surgery.
    Orthopedic electric saw is designed for joint surgery to provide fast, precise cutting operations. Comfortable ergonomics for precise control without damaging soft tissue. Made from high-quality materials, it is light in weight, optimally balanced, and reduces arm fatigue. Variable speed trigger for blades of all sizes. Compact, low noise, imported motor, durable.
  • NS-3032 Sternum Saw

    NS-3032 Sternum Saw

    Our sternum saw is applied for for Thoracic Operation with battery operated.
    The Medical Sternum Saw is designed for heart and thoracic surgery. The sternum defense system and blades are easy for both removal and installation. Made of high-strength biomedical stainless steel, it is portable and lightweight with high-quality structure, strong and solid, and precise cutting. Low noise, low vibration and comfortable use. More comfortable, variable speed and lightweight for better accuracy.

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