ND-2011-1 Canulate Drill

ND-2011-1 Canulate Drill

ND-2011-1 Canulate Drill can rotate at 1000 rpm, which is fast and efficient. It is more suitable for neurosurgery craniotomy.
Fast loading and unloading components, changing the structure of the use, more convenient to reduce the operation time.

  • Input Voltage: 110V-240V/50Hz
  • Output Power: ≥120W
  • Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
  • Drill speed: 650/1000rpm optional
  • Sterilizing Temperature: 135℃
  • Drill chuck clamping diameter: 0.6-6/0.8/8mm
  • Noise: ≤65db
  • Battery chariging time: 2 hours
  • Unit rise of temperature: ≤20℃
  • Drill handpiece: 1pc
  • Charger: 1pc
  • Battery: 2pcs
  • Aseptic battery transfer ring: 2pcs
  • Drill chuck: 1pc
  • Key: 1pc
  • Operating maual: 1pc
  • Aluminum case : 1pc
  • Sterilization case: optional

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ND-2011 Surgical Power Tools Orthopedic Electric Canulated Drill

ND-2011-1 Canulate Drill


1. Perfect shape of ergonomic design and feel comfortable to handle. 
2. Integrated design, and good sealing for the handpiece. 
3. The whole unit can be autoclavable.
4. Optimized weight distribution for balance to enhance function and comfort. 
5. The rotating lock is securer and more durable.
6. Battery capacity of 1800 mAh, large capacity, stable discharge and low heat.

Canulate drill complete set

Canulate drill complete set,Portable and easy to use

Canulate drill complete set 2

Canulate drill is complete, simple and easy to use.

A power tool used to drill holes in bones during surgery. It is suitable for providing mechanical power in bone tissue surgery.


1. Metal allergy is forbidden.

2. The elderly, osteoporosis, diabetes and other patients who are not suitable for orthopedic surgery should be cautious.

Maintenance method of electric bone drill

1. Methods to prevent water from entering the battery box and causing electric short circuit. Method 1: prepare two cloth covers for each bone drill, put a cloth cover on the bone drill before use to keep it sterile, and then wrap it with sterile treatment towel when using, only exposing the drill bit. If the treatment towel is soaked in the midway, replace it in time. Method 2: wrap the charging bone drill directly with disposable surgical paste, expose the drill, and tear off the paste after use. This method is reliable, no cloth cover is needed, and the procedure of changing the treatment towel during the operation is avoided. It is transparent and can reveal all parts and buttons of the charging bone drill.

2. The maintenance method of the rechargeable bone drill is to remove the drill bit and clean it after use, wipe the blood and dirt with dry saline gauze at the position where the drill bit is connected, and then put on the spare gauze or put it directly in the 40% formalin fumigation box for disinfection. High pressure steam or immersion disinfection is forbidden.

Multifunctional electric Canulate drill application

1. The structural design of multifunctional electric bone drill. The output shaft end of the transmission mechanism is equipped with a clamp head, one end can be set to cooperate with the clamp head, and the other end can be connected with the drill bit, bone drill and skull drill respectively. The diameter of the drilling hole is 0.6-6 mm, and the diameter of the bone drill can be sawed by 30 mm Mm bone is equipped with a through type design of fixture to make the Kirschner needle penetrate the drilling body to ensure the stability of drilling and fixation process. Meanwhile, the bone drill adopts the design of pole less speed regulation and positive and reverse switch, which makes it more convenient to operate, has comprehensive performance, and is flexible to use, and can be more suitable for the actual needs of medical operation in field conditions.

2. Application of multifunctional electric bone drill. In clinical application, the multi-function electric bone drill is used, which makes the bit easier to replace. After the Kirschner needle is fixed, the drilling body is exposed, and the force on the needle tail is obviously reduced to prevent the fixation from loosening. The chuck is used to fix the Kirschner needle because it can penetrate the drilling body, The force arm is reduced, and the Kirschner needle is accurate and not easy to slide. At the same time, because the deviation amplitude is obviously reduced, the diameter of the drill bit and needle is basically similar, which is more conducive to further fixation or prying treatment.

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    Canulate Drill (1)
    ND-2011-1 Canulate Drill

    ND-2011-1 Canulate Drill

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    Wide range of applications, high quality structure, strong and durable, precise cutting

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